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Voyage Comics: Fantasy, Superheroes, And Saints

Joan of Arc and Michael the Arcangel

Founded by writer Philip Kosloski in 2018, Voyage is an ambitious publisher of Christian-themed comic books and graphic novels. With numerous titles under its young belt already, Voyage publishes a wide range of illustrated books for audiences looking for wholesome — but not dry or boring — entertainment.

While Voyage’s books clearly feature characters of faith, the stories they tell remain far from overwhelming readers with Christian values and concepts. Kosloski, who has a Master of Arts degree in Theology with the Augustine Institute, doesn’t stray from telling an entertaining story first, whether that story involves superheroes saving the day, fantasy characters going on an epic quest, or real-life heroes living out their faith.

Finnian and the Seven Mountains cover

Voyage’s longest running series is Finnian and the Seven Mountains, which is up to issue number 7 and features a tale of a young orphan in Ireland who goes on a journey across Europe to find a mythical sword to defeat the barbaric Vikings who are terrorizing the region. The first four issues are collected in a handsome graphic novel edition.

Another continuing series is the more recent The Phantom Phoenix, a superhero book that takes place in Chicago in 1920. The titular is a WWI veteran pilot who uses his natural physical abilities and unique gadgets to take on local gangsters. The Phantom Phoenix’s civilian identity is Martin Claver, who resides in the basement of a Catholic Church.

The Phantom Phoenix comic book cover

Voyage has also published several one to two issue stories of real-life heroes, including the historical The Mission of Joan of Arc, plus tales of more recent figures such as The Tale of Patrick Peyton, Champion of the Poor: Father Walijewski, Digital Disciple: Carlo Acutis and the Eucharist, and the upcoming Servant of the Suffering: Rose Hawthorne.

Each comic and graphic novel by Voyage is a thoroughly professional publication with high-quality printing that does real justice to the fantastic artwork by artists such as Michale Lavoy, Jay David Ramos, Alexandre Nascimento, Jesse Hansen, and more.

Many of these books are available through various online retailers, but it’s best to purchase directly from Voyage, where you can also sign up for their mailing list to keep abreast of their latest publications, including a massive reprinting project of the classic series Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact. Voyage also regularly publishes non-graphic books by Koslowski and other writers.

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The Mission of Joan of Arc comic book cover

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